Le b-Shack

The b-Shack pavilion is a FARMM-based student-initiated and led design and construction project with instructor supervision from Maria Mingallon (former Gerald Sheff visiting Professor, Arup), Jason Crow (former PhD candidate), and Michael Jemtrud. It is part of the “Modeling the Methodologies of Our Time” research project and further sponsored through the McGill Sustainability Fund and an Indiegogo campaign.

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The pavilion project exposes students to advanced construction techniques, digital processes and theoretical approaches to architecture in the public realm. Furthermore, the project highlights the student potential as well as the capacity for trans-disciplinary teamwork on a high level project.

Honeybees are the insects most responsible for the pollination of flowers, which in turn makes agriculture and food production possible. It has been said that one in three bites of food we eat is directly or indirectly pollinated by honeybees. The health of food crops is tightly linked with the health of the bee colonies, which has recently declined to alarming rates.

The pavilion, to be sited on the McGill University Macdonald Campus, is donated to the public and open to all as a means of making architecture relevant and important in the community. Members of the pavilion team include: Kyle Burrows, Chloe Blain, Brighita Lungu, Lance Moore, Naomi Hebert, Maria Mingallon, Alexandre Hamel, Jason Crow, Marlene Bambonye, Li-Anne Sayegh, Maria Nikolova, Brian Muthaliff and Anca Matyiku.