The Shacks

The Shack project is the primary research-creation component of the SSHRC-sponsored Modeling the Methodologies of Our Time research program. It is aninquiry that entails the design and fabrication of three iterations of a small building—a shack or cabanon—utilizing a well stocked toolbox of digital design and fabrication techniques. The idea that technique, in itself, is a mode of knowledge production in relation to predominant theoretical models such as the environmental, biomorphic, biomimetic, and parametric is a primary objective of the research. The project questions the “constellation of concepts, models and paradigms” of our time that are presumed to be morphogenetically oriented. The hypothesis is that a flexible and attentive posture toward a strategic set of technics has a disinhibiting potential to delay the prefiguring of problems and solutions in collaborative, project-based activity.

Shacks Presentation Document [PDF]

Research results of the MMOT research program will culminate in the North is X Positive exhibition as part of the Working Models Forum conference. Members of the shack team include: Andrew Chung, Jason Crow, Émélie Desrochers-Turgeon, Maxime Duval, Ziad Ewais, Andrew Foote, Dan Guenter, Etienne Hotte, Ji Won Jun, Brighita Lungu, Anca Matyiku, Scott McCagherty, Brian Muthaliff, Philam Nguyen, Cailen Pybus, Keith Guiton Ragsdale ….

The FARMM Team

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